Nortel 1120E Ip Phone

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The Nortel 1120E is a practical, multi-line IP phone designed for businesses seeking reliable communication and cost savings. While no longer in production, its key features still make it a popular choice for many organizations:

  • Energy Efficiency: Known for its low power consumption, the 1120E helps businesses reduce energy costs and support eco-friendly initiatives.
  • High-Resolution Display: The backlit, graphical display (240 x 80 pixels) offers clear visibility for caller ID, menus, and application data.
  • Multi-Line Support: Manage multiple lines and calls efficiently with four programmable line/feature keys.
  • Compact Design: Its small footprint makes it ideal for desks with limited space.
  • Essential Features: Enjoy features like call hold, transfer, conference calling, and voicemail (feature availability may vary depending on system configuration).
  • Integrated Ethernet Switch: Connect your PC directly to the phone for convenient network access, reducing cable clutter.
  • USB Port: Supports USB headsets for hands-free communication and other compatible peripherals.
  • Compatible with Nortel & SIP: Deploy the 1120E on Nortel Communication Server systems or SIP-based platforms for flexible deployment options.

While the Nortel 1120E is no longer manufactured, it remains a valuable asset for businesses prioritizing energy efficiency and cost-effective communication. Refurbished units can often be found through reputable sellers.

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