Initial Check and Preparation

The first step is thorough checking. Any signs of damage or malfunction in the unit’s external body are identified to allow us to select which process it will need to go through to renew the product.

Basic cleaning is also done at this point. If a part is deemed irreparable, it will be replaced in the following stages.

Upgrading and Configuration

This is the step where internal settings are taken into regard. The unit will be provided with a complete wipe and update. Our refurbished products imperatively come with the most up to date software, to give that "new feel" to you. At this point, overall calibration tests will take place to eliminate any potential threats (viruses) on the computer. Safety tests will also run be also betide to make sure the unit works as smoothly as a brand new computer.


After the unit is fixed and ready, it's accessorized. The accessorization depends on what peripherals and accessories a brand-new modal come with. Our refurbished computer comes with complete user manuals and original accessories to give a good-as-new factor to the product.

Final Check

Before we dispatch any product, we will put it through the final inspection to make sure everything is sound. We then place a free 12-month warranty on any one of our units, showing we have entire confidence in our refurbishment process.


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